Pampering Man's Best Friend at Playful Paws [VIDEO]

New doggie daycare aims to provide a luxury experience.

At Playful Paws, Johanna Kerr is dedicated to giving her customers' dogs the same care and attention she gives her own.

Kerr, owner of the new Playful Paws Doggie Daycare on Jefferson Avenue, offers day and overnight programming to her clients, which range from toy poodles to great danes.

The business focuses on a luxury experience for man's best friend.

Special areas for both play, rest and overnight stays are designated for dogs of different sizes. Johanna's husband, Hugh Kerr, said there are also plans to add a beach and water play area to the outdoor space.

While dogs are playing, Johanna said they're always supervised and owners can be confident their dogs are in a clean, healthy environment. There are multiple HEPA filters in the facility, which keep the air fresh, and the rubberized floors are cleaned every day.

"We have at least two to three people in a playroom while the dogs are playing," Johanna said. "We make sure everything gets cleaned up and make sure everybody is having a good time."

As for overnight accommodations, there are a variety of single rooms complete with filtered water and a Skype setup so clients who are far away can feel like their favorite pooches are right by their sides.

"I know if I was away, I would want to know how my Baxter [my dog] was doing," she said.

And when it comes to overnight stays, Johanna said dogs can expect a comfortable environment that hits close to home, including some evening television watching.

"A member of staff always stays over," she said. "We hang out with the dogs and make it as much a living room experience as we can…We only put them to bed when it's really time to go to bed; that way, they're not stuck in a room."
For Johanna, the experience of owning the business has already been rewarding in the few months her daycare has been open.

"We try our best to make it a fun experience if the dog has to be away from its parents…and so far, they seem to love it," she added. "The dogs that come in, they become yours, they really do, for the time that they're here…I now have Baxter and a lot of part-time dogs, so I love it."

For more information on Playful Paws Doggie Daycare, visit the company website.

Leslie February 04, 2012 at 04:31 AM
What a wonderful facility this is. I visited it a couple of weeks ago and I was so impressed. There is a lot of attention to detail, from the special air filters, to the separate comfy and attractive areas for large and small dogs, to the "rice floors" that offer better traction for romping animals than a plain rubberized floor would. There are 5 people on staff, including a veterinary technician (the veterinary equivalent of a medical nurse). There is an outdoor fenced-in area -- actually two areas, one for small dogs, one for larger ones. There are also windows and, for the big dogs, bay doors opening out into the pen. The nearest house is pretty far away -- on the other side of Jefferson Avenue, set back from the street. Even so, the staff work hard to be respectful of neighbors because "after all," said the tech, "dogs do bark."


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