No More 'The Walking Dead' at CinemaSalem

CinemaSalem announced on Saturday that it will no longer be showing episodes of The Walking Dead.

Due to some recent legal wrangling, CinemaSalem announced on its website Saturday that it would not be showing Sunday's mid-season premier of the AMC series The Walking Dead.

According to the post, Cinema Salem received a cease and desist letter from AMC demanding that they no longer show episodes of their show because the screening was unlicensed and responded by pointing out that their business license from Direct TV allowed them show television to our customers.

However, after the season finale, the post said the business received another letter informing them that their business license was irrelevant because of the size of their screen.

Check out the full announcement here.

So, as of Saturday, the cinema will not be screening The Walking Dead.

"We hope we can get it worked out and deliver good news in the future, but our whole business model is built upon the notion that content should be properly licensed," the post read. "So if we are not absolutely sure that any content is not properly licensed, we will not show it. Thanks for coming out for the first half of the season. I promise that it was as fun for us as it was for you."

Chris Hardcore Corkum February 11, 2013 at 03:14 PM
AMC in my opinion has gotten lame over many years, yes they have branded themselves better than most with the same business model as Sci Fi Channel(branding themselves as SYFY), and creating programming on their own. I heard about this yesterday from a friend and like Marvin the Martian, I became "Very angry"! From it's earliest celluloid silent classics to Today's titles I am a huge film fanatic, and American Movie Classics I would loyally have as a cable 'Favorite' on my remote, if not only for their famed FEAR FEST programming every October. Now like every other cable network, they are venturing into cheap "Reality" programming having nothing to do with the original brand name, now shoveling crap like this... bye, bye AMC!
Bob February 11, 2013 at 08:12 PM
Who Cares??? "Walking Dead" is for the dead. Just saying.


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