5 Seasonal Beers (and 100% Organic Zombie Blood) In Salem

Salem Patch hit some local watering holes to find out who is in the Halloween spirit.

Pumpkin and harvest beers — what's better on a brisk October day (like today)?

Luckily, we have tons of options in the Witch City. We hit some local watering holes to check out the samplings.

There are so many options, but we brought you a few to get started.

Be sure to let us know where you're favorite sipping spots are and remember — enjoy your fall libations responsibly.

1. Freaktoberfest

You may have heard about this quirky red lager from the Shmaltz Brewing Company on tap now at the . After a zombie movie that was being filmed in Brooklyn's famed Coney Island folded, the Shmaltz Brewing company bought all the zombie blood that wasn't used, said Green Land's General Manager, Penny Petronzio. "It's 100 percent organic Zombie blood," Petronzio explained. The beer was a big hit last year, and Green Land was sure to order more this year for all Salem's beer freaks.


2. Galen's Seasonal Concoction

At Vic's Station you'll get more than a smooth pour from the tap, you'll experience some beer artistry if you're interested in getting a seasonal taste. What's the trick? First, bartender Galen Verney starts with Shipyard Pumpkinhead and then he adds a Guiness floater. Sometimes, a shot of vanilla vodka is added to the mix. "It's like a black and pumpkin," Verney said. "It's propably the greatest fall beer combo....It's delicious." As for a name for delicious combo? "We're open to name suggesions," Verney said.

3. Magic Hat's Hex

Looking for a little magic? MD and the crew at the Seaport have magic on tap at the Seaport Cafe. "It's smooth. It's the color of fall. A lot of people love it," MD said. Head over to Seaport for some festive brew.

4. Pumking — the

For festive atomosphere and grub, the Gulu Cafe has lots of options. When it comes to the beer selection, bartender Biff said his favorite is Southern Tier's Pumking. "A lot of pumpkin beers focus more on spices," he explained. Instead of adding the flavor accompanied by pumpkin dishes, Pumpking's tast harkens to the actual pumpking filling, Biff said.

5. A changing seasonal assortment

At the Shanty, you'll never get bored this fall. Taste some Mayflower Wheat and be sure to stay tuned — the Shanty will be changing the fifth tap every week to satisfy your fall tastebuds. A shout out to Sarah Stellato for her Shantastic help and for getting us psyched for the season!


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