What is HP-Salem?

We've heard a lot of buzz about Salem's local Harry Potter costuming group — learn more in 'You Ask...Patch Answers.'

During and after the , we heard quite the buzz about the Harry Potter costumers who wowed the crowd as they gathered in .

Who are these people and what is HP-Salem?

HP-Salem is a costuming group dedicated to all things Harry Potter and authentically representing the characters.

Friends Joshua Madruga and Perseus LePage, who have been participating in Harry Potter conventions since 2006, decided to start a Facebook page a few months ago to bring together Harry Potter fans in Salem.

From there, the number of interested Potter fans grew, and nearly 40 participated in the parade.

Be sure to stay tune for more from HP-Salem and connect with them on Facebook.

Watch our video for more information and photos from last week's parade meetup.



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