Do You Know a Legendary Local? Tell Us

Here's an opportunity for you to recommend someone as a 'Salem Legendary Local' to be included in this book of past and living history.

Want to see a friend or relative included in a history of Salem?

Recently three local writers contracted with Arcadia Publications to add a Salem edition to their successful new series entitled Legendary Locals. Each book in Arcadia Publishing’s Legendary Locals series delves into the history of some of the unique individuals and groups, past and present, who have made a memorable impact on their community throughout its history. This will be the third book of legendary locals in Massachusetts. Both Westford and Haverhill have recently been published.

Accepting the challenge of researching, identifying, and finding images of these people are Dorothy Malcolm, Nelson Dionne and Jerome Curley.  Given the depth and breadth of Salem’s history the challenge is not so much to identify those individuals who had major impacts on Salem and beyond but to chose a representative sample since Salem’s history both past and present is so rich.

When thinking of Salem’s legendary locals it is easy to come up with lists of our famous citizens such as Elias Derby, Roger Conant, Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Peabody Sisters. The categories we’re currently using are: History, the Arts & Literature, Businesses, Public Service, Military, Sports & Entertainment and the Unusual.

Since this book is more than just past history,  we’d like to give people an opportunity to recommend the less famous “legends” of recent and current days. We are looking for those people who while not ‘famous’ are indeed legends who impacted our lives and the fabric of Salem. You may consider them 'unsung' heroes. An example of this type of person would be ‘Pep’ Cornacchio who through his good humor and passion for Salem sports and activities was a living legend to many of us.

If you’d like to recommend someone either past or present who you feel epitomizes being a Salem Legendary Local please feel free to write to us at: salemlegends@gmail.com with your recommendations.

In order to include someone in the book we’ll need some biographical information about them, why they are a legend and a good photo we can include in the book.  Whatever you can provide is appreciated.  Go ahead and submit a legend, the person will be in good company.

All three writers have been or are contributors to Salem Patch.

Francis Mayo October 16, 2012 at 04:37 PM
It would be a shame if such a book were to omit tribute to Charles and Sarah Remond, in whom Salem can take such pride, and also Charlotte Forten, the first black graduate of Salem Normal School, now our university, and the first black teacher of white children in a Salem public schools, and probably in the Commonwealth. I would also nominate Mary Shepard, her mentor. These were all extraordinary human beings, overlooked still. "A great nation (city) reveals itself not just by those whom it produces, but by those whom it chooses to honor." I look forward to seeing your book. It's a great idea. Francis Mayo
Patricia Reed October 16, 2012 at 11:40 PM
Pep Cornacchio. Leo Jodoin producer of Salem Now @ SATV. Bald Bil.
Dorothy Malcolm October 17, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Thanks so much for responding, Francis! Nelson Dionne, Jerome Curley and I are busy collecting names and research for possible inclusion in the book. I agree (and I'm sure Jerome and Nelson do as well) that the Remonds and Miss Fortin will be included. We will certainly look into/research Mary Shepard, her mentor as well. Thanks again. Kind regards, Dorothy V. Malcolm
Dorothy Malcolm October 17, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Dear Patricia, Many thanks for responding. All three of those gentlemen you've nominated are anticipated as entries in the book! Thanks again and keep us posted if you have anymore to add. Kind regards, Dorothy V. Malclm


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