5 Pet Costumes for Halloween

This October, transform man's best friend into the costume contest-winning pooch he's destined to become. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Want a trick or treat?

Put your paws up — October is in full swing and we are at Halloween Ground Zero. Calling all boys, ghouls, critters and creatures. Whether or you love it or leave it, this is our time. Whip out the sewing machine and paint those faces, but please, by all means, don’t leave Sparky behind. It’s his time too.

While you’re sifting through the attic trunks of costume wigs and rags, take a moment and think of what your little pal may be feeling like rocking this season. Charles Barkley? Octokitty? Bunny Madoff?

Here are 5 pet costume ideas to get you going, and remember to check out tomorrow for some great fido festivities.

  • Penelope's Castle — Storm the living room castle in one of medieval line of costumes ranging from Knight, King, Queen and Dragon. We recently bumped into Wendy sporting the fire-breathing dog breath-look.
  • Batpup and Super-Dog — Comic book legends from the Justice Breed come home with these super powered and super cute costumes from . A perfect pair for a doggy play date, this team-up is sure to keep Kitty Wonder Whiskers at attention and on her paws.
  • Bat Wings — Go batty with flying rodent wings from . Bat wings make for an easy accessory for the big night. Made by a mother-daughter team in Seattle, all products sold at Living With Pets are made in America.
  • The Boo-cage — Okay, so the logistics of taking Polly out to play Halloween night might sound like a nightmare, but why not keep things festive by decorating the birdcage? Take an old bed sheet, cut out a couple holes and put your parakeets to sleep with a ghost costume that'd even Charlie Brown would envy.
  • The Red Baron
    Speaking of the Peanuts gang, you could always grab your beagle a pair of goggles, drawstring hood and red scarf to pay tribute to the World War I Flying Ace like Snoopy from It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.' Doggles can be purchased at Penelope's Pet Boutique. 

What are your critters dressing up as this season? Have any classic ideas from Halloween's past you'd recommend to others?


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