ADD YOUR OWN: Turkeys Take Over Salem

Turkeys have been spotted in the downtown area; have you seen them?

It might not be Thanksgiving, but wild turkeys have been all the rage in Salem for the past two days.

We were first alerted to the turkey takeover by reader Mike Lash who spotted the turkeys by North Street and Lynde Street Tuesday at 10:44 a.m.

Brian Donnelly wrote to us just ten minutes later Tuesday and confirmed there were four wild turkeys near the on North Street.

On Wednesday morning, reader Joeli Gewirtz shared a photo entitled "Turkey #1 at welcome center," on our Facebook page.

Contributor William Legault also spotted three turkeys at at 8:30 a.m. this morning.

"They were eating in the grass enjoying themselves very casually," he said. "If you got too close, you got a big gobble gobble from the biggest in the pack," Legault added.

Legault said they headed to the area behind the Essex Institute before heading in the direction of the .

Thursday afternoon, Reader George Brandenburg posted a video and photo of the wild turkeys near the /the Common. We've including Brandenburg's video and photo on this article along with photos from other readers.

Feel free to comment on your turkey sighting here and add your photos and video to our gallery.

Gobble gobble!


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