Kitten Found Under Car Hood Looking for Home

Let this story serve as a reminder to keep an eye out for local pets on these cold nights.

Honda the kitten. Courtesy: Laurie McCannon
Honda the kitten. Courtesy: Laurie McCannon
Meet Honda the kitten. Honda was found under the hood of a car in a parking garage in Boston on Wednesday night.

According to the Northeast Animal Shelter, Randy Todd and his friend heard kitten cries in a parking garage and eventually narrowed it down to one car - a Honda CRV.

They started searching under the car but couldn't find the kitty. Convinced that there was a kitten in distress, they went into the building and found the owner of the car.

She came down, popped the hood and there - sitting on the engine block - was Honda!

By Thursday morning, Honda was happy to be safe and warm at the Northeast Animal Shelter. Honda has been evaluated and it is determined he is in good health.

Honda is about 16 weeks old and fur is dirty and scruffy in spots so it looks like he had been outside for a while.

"We are so grateful to Randy, his friend, and the cars owner for making the extra effort to save a life," Laurie McCannon said.

This is an important lesson to car owners to make the effort to bang on the hoods of their cars before starting it up especially this time of year. Cats are seeking the warmth under the hood and may not make any noise for you to know they are there.

To adopt Honda or to donate to help for medical care, please contact Northeast Animal Shelter, 347 Highland Ave, Salem, MA 01970,www.neas.org, or 978-745-9888.


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