Have You Had a Run-in With This Salem Coyote?

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Sharon Shea.

A coyote photographed in Salem. Courtesy: Sharon Shea.
A coyote photographed in Salem. Courtesy: Sharon Shea.
This is one of the many pictures I have taken of this coyote who lives in the Cannon Hills/Memorial Drive area of Salem. (this was at the day he followed me down the street, along the neighborhood houses.)

He has become very dangerous. He is not at all afraid of people, it is long past just letting him go his way.

He is in the woods, and up and down the street, day and night. He follows me and my dogs, and has tried to grab them, even if I am holding on to them, on leash. Nothing scares him.

He stands back, but waits for an opening or for me to turn my back. He follows closer and closer, menacing me and my dogs.

He is an accident waiting to happen. Everyone here knows him, has seen him everywhere and talks about the way he “stares at you.”

He’s sizing up what move he might make next. I’m hoping someone will look into this as a public safety issue.

- Sharon Shea
chrisrus April 24, 2014 at 10:14 AM
Milo, I can't say I'm not disappointed by Don's assurance that they'd be sending cruisers by. This is a job for a job for a professional nuisance animal trapper, not a policeman. It's no offence to the police but they aren't trained or equipped for that. From that link I got the impression that Don Famico himself would come by and lay traps and rid the area of this dangerous animal. Sending cruisers by? Might as well not bother, that's not going to work.
Milo April 24, 2014 at 05:08 PM
chrisus, holy s...t, that is amazing footage of that attack. Great that you posted it. So much for coywolf/coyotes can be scared off. This is Ex-act-ly what I was up against. Darting in and out, just out of reach of you connecting with him, quick and agile. Crazy bold, trying out to see how much he can get of you without getting hurt himself. And this is a single animal (and I presume two onlookers, I would guess 2 adult males). Imagine this if you were a child, or small dog. Imagine me, small person with two small dogs. I was very shook up and nervous about this attack when it happened to me. And just like in the video you posted, this animal doesn't give up, stalks and follows. Our neighborhood coywolf has followed me home a couple of times (on a city street), and comes visiting at night. My dogs go crazy but no way will I open the door at night. It's modified my behavior during the day as well. Nope, I don't think a cruiser will do a thing. The nipping behavior is sort of like a shark taking a bite - let's see if that is tasty, and do I want to risk it? A cruiser isn't going to bring this coyote out. However, the education that has been going on in this discussion is terrific. The video shows exactly what the behavior is like - arguments that these aren't dangerous animals, or that they can be easily scared off once they become this bold, is totally refuted. Your comment to call Don and to be reasonable about it is really good. They get hundreds of crazy calls, but several clear, sane, but adamant calls from the public that there is a danger is a good place to start. It's way past "don't feed it", just scare it, or just fend it off. Also, the cruiser thing doesn't work because if it was in the road, what is going to be done? Start shooting at night (or day) in the middle of a residential area? As you say, there has to be enough alarm raised to get some professionals intent on seeing the solution through to manage such animals. Thanks again for that video, it shows just what I have been trying to describe. Imagine same with the coywolf sneaking up, biting your dog, and then total mayhem with me shielding the dogs and the coyote moving in like that. BTW, also liked the video because it's not rabid anti coyote. They are beautiful creatures. The fellow is not provoking it or setting it up as the bad guy. But this is not Disney co-existence going on here.
Derrick Julien April 24, 2014 at 07:05 PM
I am not pc and im not activist I just suggesting a way to deal wit them I have delt with nusance dogs which police can do nothing about the cyote if its on your property its your problem. I know people who are and related to people with native heritage. the estern cyote is native to this region and if you don't like it leave or contact environmental police salem police don't handle cyotes. they cant even take dangerous dogs away. im not a liberal just suggested how to deal with a cyote and someone who is a liberal or you cannot respect my opionion. im entitled offered suggestion but some people here cant form there own view but attack someone like a cyote you attack me like thes wild beasts . if you show fear to a dog or cyote they will attack they sense it your weak to them your a threat to there territory.
Milo April 25, 2014 at 01:58 PM
This is about a small dog killed by a coyote that jumped a fence in Quincy, MA yesterday http://www.wcvb.com/news/pet-owners-alerted-after-coyote-kills-dog-in-quincy/25641306#!FTXgO
Derrick Julien April 25, 2014 at 11:36 PM
that's very sad but when they do finally get a pet they need to be caught by the mass ep.


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