Get Fit This Winter at the Y

The Torigian Family YMCA launches a special fitness challenge to its members this Saturday.

The is posing a Get Fit challenge to its members, for those new to exercise and/or needing to lose 20 (or more) pounds.

The challenge starts Jan. 14 and will take place on Saturdays through March 3, running 9-10:15 a.m. each week.

According to fitness director Heather Thompson, five more YMCA members still need to sign up in order for the challenge to happen. She said two women and one man (all middle-aged) were at an informational session last weekend, but eight members are needed to defray costs for the program.

Thompson estimated time commitment, cost, and winter weather may contribute to the scant interest thus far.

"There will be a 30-minute discussion on an exercise or nutrition topic by helping to transition into a healthy lifestyle," Thompson said. "This challenge is, by no means, a crash diet. That is followed by a 45-minute workout, including body weight, cardio vascular, strength, flexiblity, coordination and agility exercises."

YMCA members must be 18 years or older to take the challenge, due to different dietary restrictions, and it's targeted towards those who feel helpless and without direction on how to safely lose 20 to 300 pounds.

Part of the challenge is also meeting with a personal trainer in four half-hour training sessions (in addition to Saturday morning classes) through early March. The trainers are Thompson, Linda Kass and Sandra Necurio.

The cost to enter the pgoram is $240.

You can sign up at the front desk in the lobby of the YMCA. The Saturday classes will meet in the after-school room, across from the teen center on the first floor.

Thompson added although this challenge lasts only eight weeks, its effects should be long-term.

"The goal is to intregrate them into the Y community. Some may not get to the gym unless they have an appointment with a trainer. That's their motivation. Ideally, they will also go to any of our 70 group exercise classes."

She has taught other weight loss classes, but this one is more motivational as opposed to selling a product to lose weight.

The monthly membership is about $45 for adults, but varies based on age.

For more information, check out the Y's website or contact Thompson at 978-977-9622 or hthompson@peabodyymca.org.

Tara Vocino January 19, 2012 at 04:27 PM
The challenge is still on! To enroll, check out the Y's website, or contact Thompson at 978-977-9622 or HThompson@PeabodyYMCA.org.


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