Whats the new supermarket must have?

MY ECO, an environmentally friendly company not only has developed an incentive to use reusable bags while shopping that will benefit schools and charities, but did you know they have a bag set that will make shopping at the supermarket easier and more organized while staying stylish and friendly to our planet?


The MY ECO bag set is a bundle of four reusable bags, all made from polypropylene plastic. This environmentally friendly plastic repeals liquids, such as those accidental spills on the way home from the store. All are easy to clean and equipped with comfortable handles. Included in the bag set is a small bag designed to hold glass bottles and jars. The fabric bands conveniently keep glass from clanging together. Also included is a medium bag designed with an insulated liner to pack chilled and frozen foods. The handy zipper helps hold temperature during shopping trip. A large bag is included and designed for fruits and vegetables. The anti bacterial liner makes it easy to wipe clean. Lastly, the bag that conveniently folds up to fit all of the other bags is the extra large bag. It is designed to hold all other groceries such oversized boxes and paper supplies. The four functional bags all fit like a puzzle perfectly into shopping carts.


In addition to purchasing the MY ECO Bag Set, you are not only becoming an owner of the set, aiding the environment with reducing the use of plastic bags, but also automatically donating a percent to a local school of your choice. Interested in becoming a MY ECO shopper? Visit www.getmyeco.com.


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