Tips for commuting while MBTA lot at Salem Depot is closed

Instead of parking, get dropped off at the Salem Depot train station using two new "Kiss and Ride" locations on Bridge Street (No. 1 on map) and Bridge Street overpass (No. 2 on map).
Instead of parking, get dropped off at the Salem Depot train station using two new "Kiss and Ride" locations on Bridge Street (No. 1 on map) and Bridge Street overpass (No. 2 on map).

The Salem Depot parking lot will close at the end of business July 19.

The MBTA will begin work on the site of a new multi-modal parking facility on July 20.  The new parking garage is expected to open in October 2014.

During construction, there will be limited parking spaces available in the Bridge Street area.  Patrons are encouraged to use alternatives rather than to commute to the Salem Depot.

Salem Depot Parking Garage project information can be found on BuildingSalem.com and MBTA.com.

Information about the following parking and commuting alternatives can be found at northshoretma.org.


Salem Ferry -- Take the Salem Ferry to Boston - Parking is FREE at Blaney Wharf.  Use a Zone 3 Commuter Rail pass for ferry fare on the 7 AM trip to Boston and the 5:30 PM return trip to Salem.  Enjoy refreshments on the dock and on the ferry – Relax, chat with a friend or network with potential customers – taking the Ferry is a great way to get to Boston for work or pleasure. It’s a commute that feels like a vacation.  

Get dropped off -- Have a friend or loved one drop you off at the Salem Depot.  A new “kiss & ride” lane will be located on the Bridge Street overpass.

Carpool -- Carpooling saves money and reduces the stress and tension associated with daily commuting.  Grab a friend or two (or three) and carpool to the Salem Depot. If you don’t have someone to carpool with we can help.  Check out the North Shore TMA’s FREE Ridematching program

Take the Bus -- 

Getting to the Salem Depot from Salem and surrounding towns is easy when you take the bus!  The MBTA has several routes that drop-off passengers at Salem Depot or you can skip the commuter rail altogether and go strait to Boston.

For information on routes, visit northshoretma.org

For additional MBTA commute options, visit the MBTA trip planning page.

Walk -- Do you live 3 miles or less from the train station?  Skip the trip to the gym and walk to the Salem Depot (or to the Ferry! – see above).  The City of Salem is in the process of making pedestrian improvements around the depot area to make access to the depot from Bridge Street and remote parking areas more pedestrian friendly.  Now you can get your daily exercise by leaving your car parked at home.

Bike -- Another way to avoid the gym, while avoiding the hassles of parking – commute by bike to the Salem Depot.  This is a great option for people who live 10 miles or less from the station.  In recent years, the City of Salem has made many improvements to support bike commuters within the city including the striping of bike lanes and the development of several off-road paths. Plentiful bike rack space will be available for the duration of Phase 1 of the project. Once the garage is built, secure bicycle storage will be accessible.

Alternate Parking -- Here are the preferred alternate parking locations for those using Salem Depot:

Bridge Street & Leslie’s Retreat Park - Immediate limited free public parking will be available along Bridge Street and at Leslie’s Retreat Park.  

Zone 1 Parking Pass - Portions of the Riley Plaza West and Riley Plaza East lots, and Dodge Street are designated for discounted Zone 1 monthly parking passes at a cost of $25 per month. Passes are valid Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The pass does not guarantee a space is available in a specific location; however, there are over 150 spaces in the discount zones. Information about parking passes can be found at http://parkinginsalem.com/sign-up-for-new-parking-passes/onstreet/

Universal Steel Lot – 120 space, City of Salem-owned, temporary parking lot on the former site of Universal Steel on Bridge Street, next door to F.W. Webb.  It is expected that the lot will open in August.  Parking at this lot will be free.

Alpha Auto Lot – In addition to the Universal Steel Lot, the City will operate a 30-space temporary lot adjacent to the Universal Steel lot at 311 Bridge St. Parking in this lot is free.

Limited spaces will  be available at the Church Street parking lot.  The parking fee for the Church Street lot is $1.00 per hour. Just be sure to pay for your full stay at the multi-space meters before you walk off the lot.


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