The Gold Group of Salem Opens BODY WORLDS Vital at Quincy Market

Joe Gold, Principal of The Gold Group of Salem on far right with his son Max and wife Anne.
Joe Gold, Principal of The Gold Group of Salem on far right with his son Max and wife Anne.

Joe Gold of The Gold Group based in Salem, Mass. and a resident of Swampscott, is the driving force behind bringing the exhibit BODY WORLDS Vital to Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  It opened to the public on Nov. 22.  BODY WORLDS Vital exhibition is  the first time the space has been used in 5 years since the Comedy Connection and Boston Rocks closed down in 2008.  The Gold Group, in conjunction with Faneuil Hall Marketplace,  renovated the historic space into a museum quality exhibit space that will show BODY WORLDS Vital at least til March 2014.  BODY WORLDS Vital is an immersive, multimedia experience celebrating the potential of the human body and the body in motion. It is a  chapter from public anatomist Gunther von Hagens’  HUMAN SAGA project—a series of curated museum health exhibitions  narrating neuroscience, cardiology,  longevity and aging, and other explorations in anatomy. Attached is a press release and a photo from the opening reception of Joe Gold and his family. For more information www.bodyworldsboston.com


The opening reception included guests from the medical community, higher education, business leaders, health and wellness organizations and others.  After they toured the exhibit, the overall feedback was more than producers expected.  Guests wrote in the comment book at the end of the reception:


“Very interesting life inside all of us…”

“Impressive, Informative, Interesting…Great Exhibit”

"Incredible, will be telling everyone about it”

“The Human Body is a miracle”

“Truly remarkable, constantly drawing home the importance of exercise and proper diet…"




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