Salem in October: Looking for Suggestions

Hi all - my niece was born on Halloween and I'd like to give her a really great 'Salem around Halloween-time' experience.

What are some events I shouldn't miss and do you have suggestions on relatively inexpensive lodging and places to eat?  
Jim F July 15, 2013 at 08:51 AM
Hello Jaime, My wife & I visit Salem often, in fact- this October will be our 70th trip to Salem, & our 14th during October/Halloween season. As far as places to stay- I would certainly suggest calling around soon, as many of the places book fast and most have a 2 or 3 night minimum. The Morning Glory B&B is our favorite place to stay, but is most likely booked already for October, but worth a try. Other places- The Amelia Payson House, Northy House, Stepping Stone Inn or Salem Inn. The Salem Inn is the largest property, & might be your best bet for availability this October. All of them are great places to stay. As far as restaurants, most in Salem are reasonably priced. If you like Indian food, Passage to India is one of the best Indian restaurants I've been too. For Italian, Bella Verona is the only good Italian restaurant in the city. Breakfast, I would suggest Red's. For Pizza, I would suggest the Flying Saucer Pizza Co. & for a sandwich- Gulu Gulu is pretty good. As far as attractions, there are some must sees. I'm not sure how old your niece is, but a walk down Chestnut Street is a must, one of the prettiest streets I've seen, and you can visit the Phillip's House on Chestnut & tour this home from the 1800's & it's just a small donation to visit. The Griffin Theatre is a lot of fun & they put on some fun live shows in October. If your niece is into horror movies, I would suggest Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery, during the day it is a horror movie museum, at night it is usually a haunted house. If you are looking for walking tours, I would suggest either Jeff Page's tours (Bewitched after Dark)- which runs out of a very neat and interesting shop on Essex St. , "Bewitched in Salem", or the Salem Night Tour, which runs out of "Remember Salem" on Essex St. There is so much to do in Salem around Halloween, I would suggest picking up Salem's haunted Happening's Guide or travel guide, and you can order it for free online via http://www.salem.org. I could go on here for ever, but hopefully these suggestions help!
Sally Skinner July 15, 2013 at 04:20 PM
"Cry Innocent" is really great. The indictment of an actual accused witch, Bridget Bishop, is re-enacted with audience participation. Each production is different, depending on the actors (students from Gordon College, a local theological school) and the audience. The actors ad-lib with the audience, but try to stay in the puritan mindset. House of the Seven Gables is great too, but you need to go early any time of the year, but especially in October, since only a limited amount of people can go through at a time. Will she be around on weekdays? If she's older, (12yrs+), you could spend the whole day at the Peabody and Essex Museum. They have an entire Chinese house enclosed in the museum as well as several colonial and later museum houses. They also have participatory programs for kids. On Halloween, people-watching is a lot of fun. If you are planning to drive, get here early or use the train or the ferry to get here, particularly if you are coming for October 31st On Halloween evening, if you are still mad enough to try to drive, you can park at Salem State University, about a mile away from downtown. Good luck!
Jaimie Cura July 18, 2013 at 06:57 PM
This is great! Jim and Sally, thank you so much for the suggestions! She's 13 years old and a lot braver than I - I'm the one who gets spooked easily, despite Halloween being one of my favorite holidays! :)
Billie McGregor July 18, 2013 at 07:24 PM
Spellbound Tours is a good one. Call and talk to Mike. I agree w/the other recommendations also. The trolley is fun if you want to take a break and ride around the town for a bit. The Magic Parlor has some great stuff during October. Madame Therese is one of the best in town for tarot and the owners Frank and Sharon are very nice. Parking the broom on the 31st is very challenging, but working that issue out is worth the trouble if she has never been here before!


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