Brookhouse Home for Women

China visits Brookhouse
China visits Brookhouse
When the residents of Brookhouse requested to Patti Rice their Activities Director they wanted to have Chinese food one afternoon, the planning started and it would be far from just a day of getting "take out".

Deborah Lam, Owner of Fantasy Island Chinese Resturant in Salem, Ma. was happy to meet with Patti and plan a wonderful afternoon at Brookhouse.
Donating her time, materials, equipment and even the shirts customarily worn by waiters, Debbie and Brookhouse staff converted the main dining room into a Chinese Restaurant. It was tastefully decorated with lanterns, umbrellas, and other Chinese decorations. The menu offered residents a choice of many favorite dishes as wait staff went around with lit walking Pu-Pu Platters. Following lunch, Debbie gave a presentation and spoke of growing up in China, about her culture and the history of women living in China. It was a wonderful afternoon enjoyed by everyone. 


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